About Us

President: Mary Barron
Vice President: Leslie Callison
Treasurer: Howard Lindler, Darryl Gardner
Secretary: Lauren Frye
Service Committee:  Charlotte Cobb
RWU Sponsorships:  Jody Hunter
Student Send Off: Lisa Hendrix
Website:  Janice Hinson
Sponsorships: Jim Sykes, Jody Hunter
Social Media: Kay Wolfe, Michele Cauley
Volunteers: Ellen Breazel
Bus Trips:  Ken Peeples, Howard Lindler

When Charlie and I left Belmont, NC over 5 years ago to retire to Clemson, I had no idea how busy my life would become. We had moved here to be closer to our daughters who were having children and turning us into the typical doting grandparents. That has been a definite plus that we expected. The surprise was that moving to Clemson opened Charlie’s and my eyes to the tremendous amount of volunteer opportunities that this university town has to offer. It quickly became apparent that we could not be involved in everything and would have to pick and choose.

One of the organizations I choose to be involved with today is the Fort Hill Clemson Club. At my first Big Thursday luncheon, Jim Sykes (a former president) asked if someone would work on the website. I raised my hand before I really knew what I was getting myself into. Next thing I knew I was on the Board. And, now 5 years later, I find myself the President of this very worthwhile organization.

What makes this organization worthwhile? The Board of FHCC is deeply committed to raising scholarships dollars for local students in this area to attend Clemson University. We do this primarily through our annual fundraising event, the Recruiting Wrap Up. At the last event in February 2022, despite Covid-19 still ripping through our country, we raised $82,000. Our total endowment for scholarships is well over $460,000!

FHCC holds 3 local meetings a year that we call Big Thursday Luncheons that are included in a $90 per year membership. At these events, we cater lunch to our members and their guests and then hear from university-related speakers. In Spring 2022, we had Coach Nick Eason talk to us about his inspiring journey from an NFL career to becoming one of the newest coaches on Dabo Swinney’s staff. We also heard from Paw Pantry, a campus organization that provides food and personal items to Clemson University students who face food insecurity.

This year we are starting a new endeavor, service to our local community. The Service Committee has been charged with finding ways for our club and its members to help people in this area. Supporting Paw Pantry is something we will become involved with this year. We are also planning our first Student Send Off Picnic in August to welcome local incoming freshmen and transfer students to the Clemson Family.

So, FHCC seeks to serve our university and area, raise scholarship dollars, and connect local alumni with each other and the university. If you want to be a part of this great organization, join today. If you want to know how you can get involved, contact me and I will help you get plugged in. You don’t have to be a Clemson alumnus, but you do have to love everything Clemson. Because that is what we are all about!


Mary Barron
Financial Management ‘78

Leslie Dunlap Callison Vice President

Howard Lindler

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve Clemson University by raising scholarship dollars for students in Oconee and Pickens Counties as well as students from Pendleton High School. We also seek to connect Clemson Alumni in these areas back to Clemson and each other and to educate them regarding Clemson activities.

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